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The teacher packets contain information pertaining to program topics, activities to do with students, pages for studentsí individual use, and vocabulary and reference lists to enhance student understanding.

Each educator section includes lesson objectives, key concepts, background information, and highlighted vocabulary words. This information may be read aloud to students, copied and distributed to older students, used as a springboard for discussion, or as a sequential bridge to tie objectives to program topics. The glossary contains keyword definitions appropriate for middle school students.

The student activities present a variety of learning situations to meet all learning styles. They are designed for use following the video lesson as reinforcement for program topics.

Finally, a student information sheet is provided for each lesson. This page contains background material or a simple lesson overview that may be copied and given to students prior to the video presentation. This information may be used to stimulate discussion pertaining to program topics, serve as a reference during and after the video lesson, or provide added incentive to research scientific issues.

The teacher packets also contain many concepts identified in the National Science Education Standards, the Benchmarks for Science Literacy, and the Sunshine State Standards. Links to these sites have been provided for your convenience.

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