Welcome to the Fish Ecology Lab

Research in the Fish* Ecology Lab follows several broad yet interconnected themes. In general, our work seeks to understand the factors that regulate populations and structure communities of marine animals.

Our efforts are motivated by general ecological principles and are commonly employed on applied topics. We use many approaches and tools, including field and lab experiments, large-scale observational datasets, stable isotope and compound specific analyses, and GIS.

* Although we call ourselves the Fish Ecology Lab, we are interested in the patterns and processes of ecological systems, regardless of the animals or habitats they involve. Indeed, our studies have focused on many non-fish subjects including invertebrates (e.g., oysters and other bivalves, molluscs, crabs, sessile benthos) and other vertebrates (e.g., humans, marine mammals) across a variety of marine and coastal habitats (e.g., coral reefs, rocky reefs, artificial reefs, seagrass beds, mangrove forests, oyster reefs, saltmarsh).