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Research in the Fish Ecology Lab follows several broad yet interconnected themes. In general, our work seeks to understand the factors that regulate populations and structure communities of marine animals.

Our efforts are motivated by general ecological principles and are commonly employed on applied topics. We use many approaches and tools, including field and lab experiments, large-scale observational datasets, stable isotope and compound specific analyses, and GIS.

Fish Ecology Lab

To find out more about the Fish Ecology Lab and ongoing research, please visit our Lab's website at http://www.marine.usf.edu/fishecology/. For any students interested in arranging a visit to the Fish Ecology Lab, please see instructions for reaching out at http://www.marine.usf.edu/fishecology/people/join/ If you send an inquiry via Facebook Messenger, please follow the same instructions from the above link. Thanks for visiting!
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Earlier this week, Fish Ecology Lab member Meaghan Faletti presented some of her Master's thesis work at the Aquatic Obsessions dive club meeting! Sharing research with the community is a great way to stimulate interest and support for science, and a fun way to practice presentation skills! Communicating with local diving organizations such as this have resulted in over 200 Hogfish samples being donated for Meaghan's project, which shows that outreach and collaboration can really help support successful research!

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Are you keeping up with the latest (lionfish) diet trends? Fish Ecology Lab member Jon Peake just published his first peer reviewed article detailing his undergraduate honors thesis research on regional feeding ecology of the invasive #lionfish! His study combined gut content data from over 8,000 lionfish collected by over a dozen researchers, including the Fish Ecology Lab's own Meaghan Faletti, from 10 different locations throughout the invaded range in the most comprehensive study of lionfish diet in the Western Atlantic to date. His analyses revealed that lionfish consume at least 167 species of vertebrate and invertebrate species in the Western Atlantic. You can find the full publication in Biological Invasions here:
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@FishEcologyLab member Meaghan Faletti is presenting on two projects at the Florida Chapter American Fisheries Society Meeting in Haines City! One poster discusses the population dynamics and spawning locations of Pinfish (Lagodon rhomboides) as part of the Florida Forage Fish Research Program. The second proposes some preliminary results from Meaghan's thesis project on Hogfish, (Lachnolaimus maximus) movement in the Gulf of Mexico using eye-lens stable isotopes.

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