Outreach & Education

We produced several educational videos and activities on subjects related to the MERA Investigation. These videos and activities were designed for students ages 13+. We hope that you enjoy them!

Recreational Water Quality: Pathogens & Poop

Recreational waters, like pools, beaches, lakes, and rivers, can contain microorganisms that can make you sick. This video describes examples of different pathogens, sources of fecal contamination, exposure routes, and ways to avoid getting sick. Next, the video summarizes how scientists test for unsafe recreational waters using indicator bacteria. Want to try counting bacteria colonies? Access the worksheet here and the answer key here.

Recreational Water Quality: Going Viral

Not all viruses are bad! This video is about the viruses used to test recreational water quality, how they are collected and tested. Click here to access the Strawberry DNA extraction activity.

Pepper Mild Mottle Virus (PMMoV)

Did you know plants can be infected with viruses too? This video is about the pepper mild mottle virus (PMMoV) and how it went from a harmful virus to a helpful tool for recreational water quality surveys.

Recreational Water Quality: Managing Your Risks

In order to feel safe in a new environment, it is important to assess the scene and be aware of potential risks and hazards. Watch this video to learn how to manage your risk at a beach. This video includes a probability activity with M&M’s. Access the activity worksheet here.