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Natalie Sawaya – Florida Red Tide

Look through this story map to learn about red tide in Florida. The goal of this story map is to provide an overview of Florida’s red tide, visualize the progression of a red tide bloom from the 2016-2017 season, and provide resources for the public to get involved with red tide monitoring.

Makenzie Kerr – Brazilian Pepper Invasive Species

Visit this page to learn about the Brazilian Pepper tree and how it became invasive in Florida. Learn how to help scientists record where this invasive plant lives.



Listen to this podcast to learn about how you do science in your everyday life. This podcast talks about cooking and hair from a scientist’s perspective to relate it back to you.

Makenzie Kerr – Science in your life



Recreational Water Quality: Pathogens & Poop

To learn more about the MERA Investigation and access all of the outreach materials, check out

Natalia Lopez – A day in the life of polio (video made for a virology class)

Makenzie KerrMedia