Lab Interns

Nina Rodriguez Perez

Nina is a senior B.S. Marine Biology student and intern in Dr. Mya Breitbart’s lab. Her current projects involve the use of DNA barcoding to assess the relationship between fish spawning patterns and varying depths within the West Florida Shelf in the Gulf of Mexico. She is also working on further describing the newly discovered potential interactions between viruses and seagrass in Tampa Bay. Before joining the lab, Nina’s previous research experiences involved comb jelly genomics, wastewater microbiology, and bacteriophage bioinformatics.  

Aly Rogers

Aly is an intern in Dr. Breitbart’s Marine Genomics Lab at the University of South Florida. She has worked on projects focusing on Karenia brevis and Pepper Mild Mottile Virus. Aly is looking forward to learning new techniques and pursuing research in genomics or microbiology after graduation.

Maria Hopson-Fernandes

Makenzie KerrInterns