Jean Lim

Dr. Jean Lim’s research focuses on disentangling host-microbe-environment interactions in marine habitats using multi-omics and molecular biology approaches. Her research interests include symbiosis in marine animals, microbial ecology, and eDNA metabarcoding. She is looking forward to expanding her research into viruses.

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Luis Alvarado-Marchena

Dr. Luis Alvarado-Marchena is a plant virologist who studies virus-host interactions using molecular and ultrastructural approaches. His research interests include: characterization of essential genes and functions in the infectious cycle of viruses, study of the intra- and intercellular movement of viruses in their susceptible hosts and RNA silencing in the process of virus pathogenesis.

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AJ Gross

AJ’s research focuses on determining, characterizing, and studying removal methods of emerging contaminants in Tampa Bay, Florida, whether they be chemicals like PFAS and pharmaceuticals, microplastics, bacteria, or viruses. His research interests include viruses, CRISPR systems and genome editing, and coral. He’s looking forward to expanding his research into viruses in the marine environment and learning new Molecular Biology and Bioinformatic techniques.

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