Center for Ocean Mapping & Innovative Technologies Webinar Series

Richard Edwing

This webinar was held on on June 23 at 12pm EDT. You can re-watch it here.

Recent Advances in Operational Oceanographic Technology and Products 


Abstract: The presentation will provide a brief overview of the NOAA Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services and its long standing mission to support maritime commerce and coastal communities with timely, accurate and reliable information. Acquiring observations in a broad range of highly dynamic and variable environmental conditions is very challenging and the role of rapidly evolving technology in helping overcome these challenges will be covered. Continual development, test, evaluation and infusion of new technology is essential for operating a cost effective observing system. Leveraging advances in data management and product delivery technologies to deliver beneficial products to users will also be discussed.

Biography: Richard Edwing is the director of the Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services or CO-OPS. CO-OPS is the nation’s authoritative source for accurate, reliable and timely water-level and current measurements. Mr. Edwing manages this end to end program where oceanographic data is acquired through several CO-OPS observing systems and is turned into meaningful information for the nation through a suite of products and services. CO-OPS mission primarily supports safe and efficient navigation and coastal resilience with products ranging from real time data to long term sea level trends. Mr. Edwing has over 4 decades of experience in operational oceanography, has a BS in Oceanography and a MS in Civil Engineering.