2022 Webinars

Webinar recordings can be viewed here!

We host a monthly webinar series covering a wide range of topics related to COMIT’s research goals including: safe navigation; women in hydrography; advanced technology/engineering in seafloor mapping and exploration; as well as issues and opportunities in the field related to diversity, equity, & inclusion.


Click the images below to read the full abstracts and bios for our speakers (avail. 1 month prior to webinar date)

Dr. Johnson Oguntuase (Univ. of S. Mississippi)

March 23rd – Spatially Advancing Ocean Mapping Using Emerging Technologies

Dr. Leslie Sautter (College of Charleston)

May 25th – Building the New Ocean Survey Workforce: The BEAMS Program

Dr. Morteza Karimzadeh (Univ. of Colorado)

[Rescheduled Date] November 9th – High-Resolution Mapping of Arctic Sea Ice using Deep Learning

Jennifer Jencks (NOAA/NCEI, IHO)

August 24th – Encouraging Innovative Supplementary Data Gathering: The International Hydrographic Organization Crowdsourced Bathymetry Initiative

Dr. Rachel Gittman (East Carolina Univ.)

[Rescheduled Date] December 14th – Evaluating socio-ecological functions provided by novel, nature-based coastal protection approaches

Dr. Matthew Johnson-Roberson (Carnegie Mellon Univ.)

October 26th – Lessons from the Field: Deep Learning and Machine Perception for AUVs