Below are links to a handful of helpful documents and websites that help to guide COMIT activities and priorities.

Florida Coastal Mapping Program (FCMaP)

The hub for the FCMaP; includes prioritization results for FL, an overview of the Program, and links to past webinars and meetings. 

Sub-Committee on Regional Undersea Mapping (SCRUM)

Led by GEBCO as part of Seabed 2030. Information about how to submit data and input on priority areas for mapping.

NOAA Citizen Science Strategy [Draft]

How to leverage public participation in support of NOAA priorities. 

Florida Marine Data Hub

Facilitating the development of a standardized mapping framework

NOAA Uncrewed Systems Strategy

Expand data collection using uncrewed aircraft and marine systems.

NOAA 'Omics Strategy

Strategic Application of Transformational Tools

National Strategy for Mapping, Exploring and Characterizing the US EEZ

A strategy to map & identify priority areas within the US EEZ, explore and characterize these priority areas, and leverage the expertise and resources of multi-sector partnerships.