Center for Ocean Mapping & Innovative Technologies Webinar Series

Colleen Peters

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Mapping the Unmapped… Remotely!


Abstract: Autonomous uncrewed surface vessels are the future of seafloor mapping. As the UKHO recently stated: “to adequately map the oceans to a reasonable standard by 2030 would require every known ocean research vessel to work every day for the next 10 years.” With the same scientific sonar systems used on traditional research vessels, Saildrone can collect data in remote areas of the ocean more efficiently and with less impact to the environment. This new deepwater mapping capability will provide opportunities for a wider variety of people to participate in an important and expanding industry.

Biography: Colleen Peters is the Bathymetry Data Manager at Saildrone. After graduating from Maine Maritime Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science and an Associate of Science in Small Vessel Operations, she spent several years on traditional sailing vessels, passenger vessels and research vessels in the deck and technical departments. Colleen began her seafloor mapping career aboard the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer, and has helped set up three other scientific vessels prior to joining Saildrone. She attended graduate school at the University of Rhode Island where she earned a Masters of Oceanography and a Masters of Business Administration. At Saildrone, Colleen is assisting with the integration of sonar systems and data management tools aboard the Surveyor as well as setting up the bathymetry data pipeline for the company’s mapping operations.