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We have put together a list of data resources that you may find useful.

Background information from BOEM about future drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

ESID (EcoSpatial Information Database)
This system currently houses georeferenced ecological resources for the North, Mid-, and South Atlantic Planning Areas. The system is designed to allow virtually unlimited addition of resources, for any subjects, in any geographic areas. They plan to add ecological resources for other regions.

Deepwater Bottom Anomalies
The purpose of this mapping program is to understand the distribution of natural hydrocarbon seeps and the related benthic fauna (chemosynthetic and coral communities) in the GOM, and to characterize other seafloor features related to the geological framework of the seafloor.

Environmental Studies Program Information System: Technical summaries of over 700 BOEM-sponsored environmental research projects, as well as full .pdf documents of over 2,000 research projects, are available for online full text search.

NOAA Central Library: Deepwater Horizon- A preliminary bibliography of published research and expert commentary

Timeline and high definition video of Deepwater Horizon blowout

Marine Restoration Priorities and Science Principles: Results of the Expert Panel Workshop in St. Petersburg, FL. April 24-25, 2012

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