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C-IMAGE Teacher @ Sea Program

The mission of the C-IMAGE cruises is to help to answer several fundamental questions about the Deepwater Horizon (DwH) event and subsequent impacts on the plankton population, reef and fish communities and the microbial communities. Deep sea sediment samples, plankton and fishes collected during these expeditions will be the data source. Teachers will be part of the scientific crew and participate in the at sea research. Sampling activities include the use of the Sipper plankton sampler, multi-core sediment system and long line surveys to assess fish health.

While at sea teachers will be the ship to shore communicators via social media (Twitter and daily blogs) and LIVE video conferencing with formal and informal classrooms. Marine scientists, post-docs and graduate students participating in the C-IMAGE cruises will collaborate with the teacher on board to communicate the science, technology and life at sea experiences to educational and general audiences.

While on shore teachers will translate their At Sea learning experience to understandable inquiry-based lessons about the science and technology encompassing the northern Gulf of Mexico ecology, the DWH event and subsequent impacts. Lessons developed from the cruises will inform a future series of C-IMAGE Teacher Professional Developments during Phase 2 of Outreach & Communication. Once developed lessons will be available to science educators electronically via the College of Marine Science Education & Outreach. The overarching goal of our outreach activities is to advance ocean sciences literacy and education by understanding and applying the science we learn along the way.

Please visit our Adventure At Sea blog to see what our hosted teachers are learning!

If you’re a teacher and are interested in participating, contact our Education Coordinator, Teresa Greely for more information.

Previous teachers:

Teacher Name School County, State Dates Aboard Ship
Patty Smukall Wekiva High School Pasco, FL August 14-21, 2012
Eileen Hayes Madiera Beach Fundamental Middle School Pinellas, Florida November 5-11, 2012
Abby Madeiros Ida Baker Middle School Pinellas, Florida November 5-11, 2012
Susan Cullum Wesley Chapel High School Pasco, Florida August 6-15, 2014
Matt MacGregor Escambia High School Escambia, Florida February 5-14, 2013
Mary St. Denis Winter Haven High School Polk, Florida May 11-18, 2013
Kathryn Bylsma Dr. John Long Middle School Pasco, Florida August 5-12, 2013
Elisabeth McCormack Dunedin Highland Middle School Pinellas, Florida August 5-12, 2013

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