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TUHH Team Takes 3rd Place In International Competition

TUHH team takes 3rd place in international competition

Congratulations to our TUHH Team for making 3rd Place in the Blue Competition! The Blue Competition is a GLOBAL competition that revolves around the gas analysis in Bioprocessing

“In the third place, it created the group of the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg. The group of Martina Schedler, Nneka Mary Rose Enwena, Dr. Ana Gabriela Valladares Juárez and Prof. Rudolf Müller of the Institute of Technical Biocatalysis at TUHH studied biodegradation processes of crude oil after the Deepwater Horizon disaster (we already reported about this group of participants during the project phase). 

BlueSens would like to thank the many groups of participants who took part in the competition this year. 

Selected project reports will be published soon as collective work as a “Report No.3″ BlueSens.”

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