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C-IMAGE II Receives Funding For RFP-4

C-IMAGE II Receives Funding for RFP-4

The C-IMAGE consortium was one of 12 consortia selected for funding in 2015-207.  Congratulations to us all! Before we begin the process of moving it through execution, I would like to introduce our five new partners.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Dr. Chris Reddy

Florida State University
Dr. Jeff Chanton

Georgia Tech
Dr. Joel Kostka

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Dr. Adolfo Gracia
Dr. Elva Escobar-Briones
Dr. Maria Luisa Machain
Dr. Joan Albert Sánchez Cabeza
Dr. Ana Carolina Ruiz Fernández
Dr. Alonso Rodriguez Rosalba

Harte Research Institute, TAMUCC
Dr. John Wes Tunnell
Dr. John Gold
Dr. Paul Montagna
Dr. Gregory Stunz
Dr. David Yaskowitz

Welcome to C-IMAGE!!  We’re looking forward to a productive and collaborative three years. 

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