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MOSSFA Workshop At The 2017 GoMOSES Meeting

MOSSFA Workshop at the 2017 GoMOSES meeting

2017 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill & Ecosystem Science Conference, New Orleans, LA
Monday February 6 2017   8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

6 February 2017
7:45 Registration and Poster Viewing
8:25 Welcome & Logistics / Participant Instructions
David Hollander (chair)
8:30 MOS Formation
Highway to the Benthos: Formation and Sedimentation of Marine Oil Snow and Oil-Sediment AggregationsUta Passow
Bacterial EPS in MOS formation: the role of oil-degradersTony Gutierrez
Phytoplankton EPS in MOS formationAntonietta Quigg
The DWH Marine Oil Snow Blizzard: Where did it come from?Kendra Daly
9:30 MOSSFA in Sediments
A holistic approach for tracking weathered oil sedimentation: from geochemical to microbiological fingerprintsMandy Joye
Marine snow amplifies the persistence and impact of oil on the seafloorEdwin Foekema
Benthic footprint, ecological impacts and long-term recovery from a MOSSFA eventPatrick Schwing
Deja-vu all over again: A Comparison of the 1979-80 IXTOC and 2010 DWH MOSSFA eventsDavid Hollander
10:30 Break & Poster Viewing
11:00 MOSSFA Numerical Modeling
Modeling MOSSFA: Methods and ParametersAdrian Burd
Lagrangian Modeling of Inertial and Buoyant Particles for Deep Sea BlowoutClaire Paris
12:00 Lunch & Poster Session
13:00 Breakout Session
MOS Formation
MOSSFA Events in Sediments
Numerical Modeling of MOSSFA Events
15:00 Continue Breakout Groups
16:00 Breakout Group Reports
15:00 Future Directions
15:25 Closing Remarks & Adjourn
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