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Boryoung Shin, C-IMAGE Student Of The Month, July 2015

Boryoung Shin, C-IMAGE Student of the Month, July 2015


We asked Shin a few more questions, and her responses prove that scientists are human too!

(Q) What are you doing today?

(A) I am still recovering from jet lag so I feel a little sleepy honestly (She has just returned from Korea). I have to do lab work during the day, for example, making culture media, doing dishes, sequencing data analysis, etc. I am planning to go to the gym in the evening.

(Q) What are your aspirations (for your research and/or after you graduate, life goals, etc.?)

(A) My major goal in life is to have a happy family by balancing well between my career and family. I cannot decide which career path I want to follow between academia and [corporate] so I want to consider all chances for now. My short term goal is, of course, getting nice results from my work and publish cool papers.

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