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Research Partners

The University of South Florida-College of Marine Science is the host institution of C-IMAGE. USF researchers study sedimentary deposition, marine oiled snow, fishery health, ecotoxicology, and ecosystem modeling.Associated Tasks: 3, 4, 5 & 6 The Paris lab at the University…



C-IMAGE is working to advance understanding of the fundamental processes and mechanisms involved in marine blowouts and their environmental consequences, ensuring that society is better-prepared to mitigate such future events. Integration of field sampling, experimental designs and modeling will provide…


R/V Weatherbird Blog-Sam Bosman

In 2008 I moved from the east coast of Canada, where I finished my Master’s degree in Science, to Florida to start my career at Florida State University. I had never imagined that I would still be here after what…


R/V Weatherbird Blog-Susan Snyder

After this cruise to Cuba, I have circumnavigated the Gulf of Mexico on the R/V Weatherbird II! I have participated in each Mud & Blood cruise since 2012, from the northern Gulf, to the Yucatan, Bay of Campeche, Texas and…


R/V Weatherbird Log-Adrian Martínez Suárez

Centro de Investigaciones Marinas-University of Havana | Recent sediments for paleo-environmental studies, Mud team ¿Cuáles fueron sus expectativas en el crucero? ¿Científicamente? ¿Colaborativamente? Siempre esperé aprender mucho durante la estancia en el WeatherBird II. Ciertamente superó mis expectativas, conocer toda la…


R/V Weatherbird Log-Alexei Ruiz Abierno

Centro de Investigaciones Marinas-University of Havana | Sharks diversity, abundance and distribution | Fish team What were your expectations leading into the cruise? Scientifically? Collaboratively?  To conduct sampling using bottom longline gear in order to collect information about the fish…

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