Welcome to the Continental Shelf Characterization, Assessment, and Mapping Project’s (C-SCAMP) Page

Our team consists of a diverse body of staff and researchers who are knowledgeable in areas such as marine engineering, GIS, acoustics, and Gulf of Mexico fisheries and habitats. The goal of this project is to add to the amount of high resolution bathymetry available for the West Florida Shelf as well as characterize and assess the habitat and fish communities within these areas.



This project, funded by that National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) is adding to the body of knowledge on essential reef fish and sea turtle habitat on the West Florida Shelf (WFS). Though these habitats are incredibly important to the coastal communities along the Gulf, little of it has actually been studied and mapped; in the last 10 years, only ~3% of the WFS had been mapped at high-resolution (10x10m or less) prior to C-SCAMP. In just the last four years, we have managed to cover another 2% of the Shelf with resultant map products at 4x4m grid or less.