Gerardo Toro-FarmerGerardo Toro-Farmer joined the C-SCAMP team to provide advanced 3D geospatial analysis and modeling for the integration of biological and environmental data. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology from the “Universidad del Valle – COLOMBIA” and his PhD degree in Ocean Sciences from the University of Southern California. He has been involved in multiple projects in the United States (California, Florida Keys and the Gulf of Mexico) and abroad (Bermuda, Panama, Colombia, Philippines). Gerardo’s research experience includes studies of ecological processes in coral reef ecosystems,in situ marine optics, and remote sensing and GIS techniques to answer ecologically relevant questions regarding organisms’ distribution, ecosystems productivity and habitats characterization and connectivity.

Dr. Toro-Farmer is now a professor at New College of Florida in Coastal and Marine Sciences but he continues to be involved in the project.

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